Car and body construction


Telescopic measuring stick for quick checking and measurement of deformed or already restraightened vehicle body parts

Truck & Trailer mEssfix

The telescopic rule to conveniently measure the height of trucks, trailers and construction vehicles


Electronic measuring tool for the skilled tradesman

mEsstronic 0.1

Electronic length measuring tool for high precision measurements

X-Liner 360 2 green

Self-levelling, green multi-line laser

X-Liner 3D green

Self-levelling multi-line laser with green 3 x 360° laser linies


Laser receiver for green line laser with 510-540 nm wavelength

Lightweight Elevating Tripod

Lightweight elevating tripod, working range 0.53 m to 1.50 m

Lightweight Elevating Tripods

Lightweight elevating tripod, working range 0.48 m to 1.35 m

Lightweight Elevating Tripod

Lightweight elevating tripod, working range 0.60 m to 1.51 m

Carbon Line Tripod

Carbon tripod for use with 3D laser scanners, working range 0.54 m to 1.65 m

Industrial Line Tripod

Special Tripod for Laser Scanners


The premium digital angle measuring tool