Measuring equipment made in Dornstetten

For more than 120 years the Nedo brand has stood for intelligent measuring equipment of outstanding quality, made in Dornstetten.
Surveying engineers and construction professionals in more than 100 countries rely on Nedo products every day to perform a wide range of measuring tasks. Professionals in the building trades value our products for their quality, reliability and sturdiness. Our sales partners appreciate our commitment to customers, on-time deliveries and excellent service. We maintain long-term cooperation agreements with sales partners in Germany and abroad. Nedo products are sold via a global network of qualified distributors. Customers in North America are supplied via our logistics centre and sales office in Kentucky, USA.
Although we do business throughout the world, we are still an owner-managed family company with strong roots in Dornstetten and the Black Forest. For four generations, Nedo and its owners, the Fischer family, have stood for fairness, reliability and a focus on customers.

Engineering expertise

The path from idea to production-ready product is often long and difficult. From the initial design to final testing by critical craftsmen and surveying engineers, our ten-member interdisciplinary development team has to solve a host of problems and work out creative solutions. Our engineers and developers apply in-depth knowledge and experience
from areas such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics, optics and optoelectronics. In addition, we apply our broad-based manufacturing know-how to the development process, ensuring already in the development stage that our products can be manufactured economically and at a consistent level of quality.
We pay special attention to simple and intuitive handling, reliability under harsh site conditions and functional design. Our developers and engineers have won a number of prizes for excellent design, including the Red Dot Design Award and the Baden-Württemberg International Design Prize. They are proud of their achievements and determined to maintain these standards in the future.
We will gladly make our expertise available to customers who would like us to develop special products.

Manufacturing know-how

Nedo manufactures high-tech products at plants in Dornstetten and Switzerland. Its highly motivated employees receive continuous further training and use state-of-the-art technology. Our corporate culture emphasises optimally structured production processes, efficient logistics and an uncompromising commitment to quality. By means of Nedo’s continuous improvement process, our employees are constantly finding ways to optimize company operations. Needless to say, Nedo’s quality management system is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. 

Instead of relocating our production to low-wage countries, we have made substantial investments in our plants in Germany and Switzerland, and we have continuously improved the competitiveness of our production locations through rigorous cost management. Thanks to our large vertical range of manufacture we are independent of suppliers to a high degree. Production processes which are critical to product quality are kept under the direct control of our employees rather than being outsourced to other companies.
For our customers this means highly reliable products, strict adherence to delivery deadlines and flexibility when it comes to fulfilling special requests.

160 employees – 1 goal: delighted customers

For Nedo, focussing on customers means listening to them. Only in this way we are able to find out wishes of our users and sales partners.
Nedo is committed to high delivery readiness, extremely short delivery times and quick, correct order processing. Flexibility in responding to special requests is an integral part of our company culture.
Our experienced in-house sales team and expert engineers, regional sales representatives and international distributors provide support to our sales partners in Germany and abroad and are always ready to help solve difficult problems involving measuring equipment in construction. Thanks to our logistics partners, we are able to ship Nedo products quickly and safely to destinations all around the world.
Our POS wall system gives our sales partners an attractive means of displaying our products.
For us, focusing on customers means being able to provide quick help without red tape if repairs are necessary.
All Nedo products can be repaired by us or by our trained and certified service partners. Our sales partners can download spare parts lists without trouble from our website.
Easily understandable operating instructions are available in all relevant languages, and spare parts can be supplied at any time.

When can we delight you?