Nedo History

1901   The company is founded by Hermann Nestle
1913 The new company building in Riedsteige is occupied
1938 Dipl.-Ing. Walter Alfred Fischer, son-in-law of the company’s founder, becomes a shareholder
1945-1947 French occupation troops require Nedo to produce timber houses
1947 Hermann Nestle dies, Walter Alfred Fischer becomes sole shareholder
1955 Start of production in Hochgerichtstraße
1959 Dipl.-Ing. Walter Hermann Fischer starts working at Nedo
1962 Dipl.-Ing. Walter Hermann Fischer is appointed managing director
1970 Building 3 is occupied
1977 Nedo launches production of wooden and aluminium tripods
1980 Building 4 is occupied
1981 Dipl.-Ing. Walter and Gisela Fischer found FIMEX AG in Switzerland. Nedo adds measuring tools to its product line
1982 A revolutionary process for manufacturing high-precision scales goes into operation
1988 The first electronic levelling rod is presented
1990 Building 6 is occupied
1991 Walter Alfred Fischer dies at the age of 85
1995 Building 5 is occupied
1996 Gisela Fischer is appointed as an additional managing director
1997 Dipl.-Wirtsch.Ing. Frank Fischer starts working at Nedo. Certification of Quality Management System according to ISO 9001
1999 Dr.-Ing. Thomas Fischer starts working at Nedo
2000 Dr. Ing. T. Fischer and Dipl. Wirtschafts-Ing. F. Fischer are appointed as managing directors
2001 Nedo celebrates its 100th anniversary
2002 Nedo opens a US sales office and logistics center
2007 Nedo acquires and modernizes the neighboring industrial building, the current building 7, and expands the production area by 5.500  m2
2009 Nedo presents a new laser programme
2011 Nedo wins the Red Dot Design Award for its products PRIMUS 2 and QUASAR 6
2011 Nedo is certified as AEO-C 
2014 Nedo products are used at CERN
2016 Nedo celebrates its 115th anniversary
2018 Presentation of the innovative Flexijet 3D surveying system
2019 Presentation of the new TUBUS 2 Pipe Laser
2021 Nedo celebrates celebrates its 120th anniversary
2023 Opening of the new logistics center