Sewer, trench and pipe construction


Self-illuminating levelling staff for use under unfavourable light conditions such as underground and tunnelling construction projects

Lumicale control

Self-illuminating levelling staff for use in monitoring

Jumbo Tripods

Tripods for machine control applications, working height up to 4.00 m

Industrial Line Tripod

Special Tripod for Laser Scanners

Carbon Line Tripod

Carbon tripod for use with 3D laser scanners, working range 0.54 m to 1.65 m

Heavy-Duty Wooden Tripod

Heavy-duty wooden tripods with wing nut clamp, working range 1.05 m to 1.70 m

Heavy-Duty Wooden Tripod

Heavy-duty wooden tripod with quick clamp, working range 1.02 m to 1.69 m

Medium-Duty Wooden Tripod

Medium-duty wooden tripod with wing nut clamp, working range 1.02 m to 1.67 m

Super Measuring Wheel

For accurate measurement of long distances

Lightweight Measuring Wheel

The Nedo lightweight measuring wheel stands out thanks to its sturdy, ergonomic design

LED Invar Staff Illumination

LED Invar staff illumination for Nedo high precision Invar staffs

Prism and Poles

Robust prism poles

Prism mEssfix-S

Prism pole with analogue display