Self-Illuminating Levelling Staff LumiScale

LumiScale is a self-illuminating levelling staff for digital levels for use under unfavourable light conditions such as underground and tunnelling construction projects. With regard to its precision, self-illuminating levelling staff LumiScale fulfills the norm DIN 18703.
The LumiScale graduation is back-lit via an electroluminescent foil which uniformly illuminates the entire graduation without any shades. Extensive tests, performed by the University of Graz, Austria, have proven that measuring errors are eliminated thanks to the equable illumination of the graduation. For this reason the LumiScale technology is superior to an external illumination of the graduation. LumiScale is available with bar codes for all common digital levels.


  • llluminated graduation
  • Illuminated bubble
  • Supplied with rechargeable batteries, charger and bag


Nedo LumiScale

Technical specifications
Graduation bar code
Carrier of graduation polyester film (αTH < 18 ppm/°C)
Accuracy Δℓ = ±(0.2 mm + 2ℓ *10 -4 )
Illuminated area 2125 mm x 25 mm
Illumination electroluminescent foil
Power supply removeable NiMH rechargeable batteries, 2500 mAh
Operation duration approx. 10 h
Circular bubble illuminated, sensivity 12’
Protection class IP 54
Dimensions 2200 mm x 70 mm x 60.5 mm
Body of staff alumimium-profile
Weight approx. 4.0 kg with rechrageable batteries

Order information:

Ref.-No. 340220 LumiScale with Trimble bar code
Ref.-No. 340222 LumiScale with Leica DNA bar code
Ref.-No. 340224 LumiScale with Sokkia/Topcon bar code
Ref.-No. 340225 LumiScale with Leica-Sprinter bar code

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Optional Accessories for LumiScale


Stationary module with adapter cable

Ref.-No. 061956

Power adapter plug

Ref.-No. 030816


Ref.-No. 030827

Rechargeable batteries

Ref.-No. 061866-900

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