Architecture, design and planning

Carbon Line Tripod

Carbon tripod for use with 3D laser scanners, working range 0.54 m to 1.65 m

Industrial Line Tripod

Special Tripod for Laser Scanners

laser mEssfix 50

Laser distance meter for of real professionals. Small, handy and robust


Powerful laser distance meter

Leica DISTOTM S910 Set

Universal measuring tool

X-Liner 3D green

Self-levelling multi-line laser with green 3 x 360° laser linies

X-Liner 360 2 green

Self-levelling, green multi-line laser


The versatile, robust universal laser with 90° function

X-Liner 5P

Self-levelling 5-beam point laser

Lightweight Elevating Tripod

Lightweight elevating tripod, working range 0.53 m to 1.50 m

Heavy-Duty Elevating Tripod with Additional Leg Struts

Heavy-duty elevating tripod with additional leg struts, working range 0.85 m to 3.02 m

Combi Tripod Feet

For work on uneven outdoor terrain or on smooth or sensitive floors

Tripod Star

Securing tripods in indoor work on smooth floors

Lightweight Measuring Wheel

The Nedo lightweight measuring wheel stands out thanks to its sturdy, ergonomic design