Sewer, trench and pipe construction

Pipe Laser TUBUS 2

Green. Easy to operate. Extremely robust.


The fully automatic horizontal/vertical dual slope laser with AutoAlign function

Laser mEssfix-S

Robust telescopic measuring stick for determining differences in height with a rotating laser and a laser receiver

Super Measuring Wheel

For accurate measurement of long distances

Lightweight Measuring Wheel

The Nedo lightweight measuring wheel stands out thanks to its sturdy, ergonomic design


The DD120 and DD220 SMART cable location systems detect underground lines made of metal


Sturdy laser receiver with easy-to-view display for use with construction machinery

Telescopic Levelling Staffs

Telescopic Levelling Staffs with E-graduation

Ranging Poles

Wherever surveying and marking projects take place Nedo ranging poles are broadly used

Prism mEssfix-S

Prism pole with analogue display

Heavy-Duty Elevating Tripod

Heavy-duty elevating tripod, working range 0.90 m to 2.36 m

Medium-Duty Elevating Tripod

Medium-duty elevating tripods, working range 0.78 m to 2.03 m

Medium-Duty Aluminium Tripod

Medium-duty aluminium tripod, working range 1.00 m to 1.71 m

Heavy-Duty Aluminium Tripod

Heavy-duty aluminium tripod, working range 1.08 m to 1.72 m

Heavy-Duty Wooden Tripod

Heavy-duty wooden tripods with wing nut clamp, working range 1.05 m to 1.70 m

Industrial Line Tripod

Special Tripod for Laser Scanners

Tripod Dolly

Sturdy tripod dolly with large steerable and lockable wheels