Nedo Fix-it

Versatile Heavy-Duty Column Clamp for construction lasers and instruments

The ingeniously designed Fix-it can securely mount rotating lasers and instruments at countless places in buildings and on construction sites, ensuring a high level of stability.
Fix-it can be attached to pillars, masonry, wall tops or wall formwork using a screw clamp or tie rod. It can be bolted to scaffolding or steel supports and structures or strapped to pillars, beams or posts.
The movable wings made of steel, guarantee secure anchoring on level surfaces or around corners on pillars and beams. The integrated V-shaped mount can be fi rmly attached to round supports. The attachment possibilities are almost unlimited.
Fix-it features a turnable aluminium mounting plate with a 5/8“ connection thread which works with all construction lasers and surveying instruments or any other surveying instruments.
The working height can easily be adjusted with an indirect gear unit like that on an elevating tripod. At the bottom of the elevating column there is a 5/8“ internal thread for attachment of a Nedo laser bail (Ref. no. 660131). This allows operation of a rotation laser near the floor.
Nedo Fix-it is the new versatile, heavy-duty column clamp for construction lasers and instruments with almost unlimited attachment possibilities. It is secure, easy-to-use and extremely robust.

Perfect for:

  • Bricklaying
  • Reinforced concrete construction
  • Metalworking
  • Carpentry and
  • All other building trades

Nedo Fix-it
Versatile heavy-duty column clamp for construction lasers and instruments

Technical data:
  • Column height adjustment: 538 mm, Ø 45 mm
  • Mounting plate: Ø 110 mm with 5/8“ connection thread
  • Weight: 4,7 kg
  • Crank drive indirect
  • Wings movable
  • Arm length: 240 mm

Ref.-No. 461025

Nedo Fix-it - Tough construction site use!

Nedo Fix-it - Tough construction site use!

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