Nedo Winkelfix


With the Nedo Winkelfix, measurements of angles are performed quickly, precisely and with the utmost ease.
Simply place the Nedo Winkelfix in position and the angle can be rapidly read off from the analogue display. Two integral spirit levels ensure true horizontal and vertical positioning. Thanks to its reliability, sturdiness and convenience, the Nedo Winkelfix has proven its value to the building trade over and over again.
You too will find measuring angles easier with one of our five Winkelfix models!


Nedo Winkelfix

Ref.-No. Shank length Graduations Measuring range Weight Compass points Incl. case
450111 mini 430 mm degrees 0 to 180° 0.9 kg no yes
450121 classic 600 mm degrees 0 to 180° 1.4 kg no yes
500101 shorty 305 mm degrees 0 to 180° 0.7 kg no yes
500111 maxi 600 mm degrees 0 to 180° 1.4 kg yes yes
510111 long 1500 mm degrees 0 to 180° 2.6 kg yes yes

Calibration certificate for Nedo Winkelfix

Ref.-No. 399553 calibration certificate for Winkelfix tools

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