Nedo mEssfix-S


With a measuring range of up to 8 m the mEssfix-S is the ideal helper on the construction site, e.g. for work on scaffolding, for measurements of facades or for the determination of clearances. The display is attached on the upper end of the rod which allows for a convenient read-off.
All mEssfix-S units conform to accuracy class III ΔI=0,6+0,4∙L(m)


  • Measuring ranges: 5 m, 6 m and 8 m
  • Display unit contains two integral spirit levels, conveniently placed at eye level
  • Circular spirit level for vertical alignment
  • Longitudinal spirit level for horizontal alignment
  • Telescopic sections made of sturdy, rectangular-profile aluminium
  • Clamping screws allow extending sections to be locked in any position
  • Supplied with case as a standard
  • Made in Switzerland


Nedo mEssfix-S

Ref.-No. Measuring range Length retracted Graduations Weight Incl. case
F580151 1.03 to 5.00 m 1.03 m mm 2.0 kg yes
F680151 1.20 to 6.00 m 1.20 m mm 2.4 kg yes
F880151 1.53 to 8.00 m 1.53 m mm 2.6 kg yes

Calibration certificate for Nedo mEssfix-S

Ref.-No. 399552 calibration certificate for mEssfix-S tools 5 m to 8 m

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