Self-Illuminating Levelling Staff LumiScale control

LumiScale control is a short, self-illuminating levelling staff for use in monitoring (for example in buildings). It is compact, with no bothersome attachments. LumiScale control can be plugged via a power supply unit into a 220 V outlet. It comes with a power supply unit and carrying bag.


Technical specifications:  
Graduation bar code
Carrier of graduation polyester film (αTH < 18 ppm/°C)
Accuracy Δℓ = ±(0.2* mm + 2l *10 -4 )
Illuminated area 430 mm x 23.5 mm
Illumination electroluminescent foil
Power supply power supply unit 12 VDC, 3 VA (m = 0.08 kg)
Length of connecting cable approx. 2 m
Power requirement approx. 120 mA
Protection class IP 54
Dimensions 500 mm x 58 mm x 28 mm
Body of staff aluminium profile
Weight approx. 0.9 kg (without charger)

Order information:

Ref.-No. 340240 LumiScale control with Trimble bar code
Ref.-No. 340242 LumiScale control with Leica DNA bar code
Ref.-No. 340244 LumiScale control with Sokkia/Topcon bar code

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