Nedo Accessories PRIMUS 2


Nedo Multifunctional Base

Rugged base with fine adjustment. Perfect for axis alignment of slope lasers such as Nedo PRIMUS 2 H1N+, H2N, H2N+ and HVA2N.
Ref.-No. 062579

Telescopic Sight 

The use of dual-axis slope lasers requires an extremely exact alignment of the laser axes. With the help of the PRIMUS 2 telescopic sight with integrated target laser the laser axis can be precisely aligned to the target even if it is a great distance away. The telescopic sight can easily be fixed to the PRIMUS 2 without any tools. Suitable for use with the slope lasers PRIMUS 2 H1N+, H2N, H2N+ and HVA2N.
Ref.-No. 461096

PRIMUS 2 Battery Charger Add-On Kit

Spare battery and charger, can be used for all PRIMUS 2 models.
Ref.-No. 461098

PRIMUS 2 Battery Box

Battery box for 4 x 1.5 V mono-cells, can be used for all PRIMUS 2 models.
Ref.-No. 461097

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