Locator Ultra

Underground supply networks are becoming increasingly complex. Precise information on their location and routes is more important than ever. To protect these systems during excavation work, they must be accurately mapped and measured.
Leica ULTRA is an advanced system for precision tracing of utilities.
By combining intelligent signal processing and flexible operating modes it saves you time and ensures highly reliable results. The optional antenna and adjustable frequencies allow you to optimise your instrument to the given location. Support is provided by the locator’s AIM system, which monitors ambient interference.


  • Configuration for location-specific applications
  • Selection from 100 frequencies
  • Selection of the best antenna for your location
  • Compass display of the line’s direction
  • Direction detection – identification of the target supply line when a number of lines run parallel
  • Ambient Interference Measurement (AIM)
  • Offset measurement
  • Connection with GIS/GNSS systems
  • Remote-controlled generator
  • 5 W transmitter power for excellent tracing results


Technische Daten

Ref.-No. 705590
Frequency range 50 Hz to 200 kHz
Sensitivity 33 kHz (1 μA at 1 m)
Dynamic range 117 dB
Max. depth 6 m
Search accuracy ±5% depth
Dynamic overload protection 30 dB (automatic)
Linear depth accuracy ±5% to 3 m
Sonde ±5% to 3 m
Passive ±5% to 3 m
Operating temperature -20 °C – 50 °C
Protection class IP 65

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5-watt transmitter

5-watt transmitter for excellent tracing results

Ref.-No. 705591

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